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Companies like yours, periodically organize a great number of meetings, round tables, business days, seminars, congresses that are carried out. That is the reason why we are pleased to make available for you and introduce you to the experience and work that our company develops in this area.

European Consultancy of Services and Scientific Congresses, CEFIC SL, performs management, advising, coordination and the global development that involves the event itself, keeping the essential premise of serving people who have placed their trust in our company.

Moreover, CEFIC has its own hostess staff, and as a service company it has a huge spectrum of activities. We provide the logistical support and assistance needed in each situation. This work is supported by the knowledge of people who carry out that service, ensuring the perfect development event.

Hoping this brief description of our work will be of interest for you, we send you our best greetings.



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