The main tools we’re going to use are:

  • Microsoft Teams pro (mainly, preferred)
  • Zoom or (secondarily, if no other option is possible)

Terms of use of the service:

The user undertakes not to establish communications with strangers or those who are not on the contact list. In this regard, he agrees to add only known and trusted contacts within that contact list, as well as to verify the identity of new contacts by other means, especially when a video conference is to be initiated with them for the first time.

The user profiles used will have a secure password authentication system to prevent access by unauthorized users.

The user agrees to keep the software of the videoconferencing systems updated, to disable desktop sharing by default and to enable it only when necessary. In relation to video reception it will be disabled by default, unless it is necessary.

Users undertake that the content provided through or in connection with this service is not contrary to the law, morality and public order, that it does not infringe intellectual or industrial property rights or contain any defect, defect, computer virus or similar software routine.

The content poured in this platform corresponds to the author or authors, CEFIC, S.L. does not take responsibility of this content nor of the legal consequences that could derive from the reading and/or interpretation of the content of the published articles.

It is forbidden to reproduce by any means the content that has been spilled without the prior consent of the owner of the copyright. The person responsible is the one who infringes the regulations concerning intellectual property, as well as those concerning the protection of personal data. In any case, the articles or scientific studies mentioned during any of the activities are the property of their author or authors.

The author(s) of the content released through this medium are responsible for the accuracy and plausibility of those opinions released or articles published, exempting CEFIC, S.L.

The trademarks, icons, images and logos mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

Cefic, S.L. does not offer technical support of third party programs and is not responsible for the damage that the installation of such software may cause.

The studies, files, papers, communications, as well as any other document that is sent to the Technical Secretariat and is interested in any of the activities carried out by this means, implies the assignment of the publication rights in our site, free of charge, reserving, likewise, the right not to publish them when it is considered so. Any submission assumes acceptance and understanding of these conditions.

It is recommended to cover the camera when the system is not in use, as well as to set the camera to show a neutral image at the beginning of a video conference that does not show compromised information, in case an erroneous connection is established.

It is recommended that the microphones be turned off or muted when the system is not in use